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I showed up for my first appointment with Taylor unsure, lost, and raw from the recent trauma of heartbreak and physical assault. He quickly gathered the threads of what I told him with an open mind and kindness that made me feel comfortable enough to be open and honest with him. His insights during that first appointment made it clear I'd found someone whose interpretive skills and intuition could help me work through some of my ineffective patterns. I've recommended him to friends and I intend to continue working with him for healing and personal grow.

-Deirdre M., Lexington, Kentucky

Taylor Fortune did a very powerful Tarot card reading for me. He has both a studied and intuitive knowledge of the material and helped me to articulate many issues that I have been struggling with for years. The Tarot spread helped to define what is holding me back and what I need to do for future success. I came away from the reading feeling very inspired and motivated. I highly recommend his services.

-Kate H., Half Moon Bay, California

Taylor brought clarity and nuance to the life situations I was dealing with. Using his knowledge and intuition, he helped me sort through my thoughts and feelings, and came up with solutions and action steps towards helping me get what I want. I’ve left each session with him feeling more confident about my direction and future, and consider him an asset to helping me make important life decisions.

-Stephanie L., San Francisco, California

I really appreciated my life coaching session with Taylor. I was very impressed with his helpful, non-judgmental, and supportive attitude. Taylor is easy to talk to and has a warm and professional manner. He took the time to help find my motivations and create a realistic plan to improve my health. Together we set goals that I know will set me up for success. I look forward to our next session!

-Stuart B., El Granada, California

I had an amazing Tarot Card reading by the uber-talented Taylor Fortune.  He uses the Tarot of the Spirit deck by Pamela Eakins with Artwork by Joyce Eakins, which I absolutely love. If you are interested in elevating your mind, body and spirit, look no further. His passion for the cards and helping people understand the material (and themselves) is truly a joy.

-Elizabeth H., San Francisco, California

To be honest, I was skeptical at first. I've met with many therapists, guides and life coaches and no one has been able to motivate me enough to make real change. Not to sound conceited, but I view myself as a little more deep than the average person. Taylor shocked me with his ability to see through my patterns and nuances without making me feel on the spot or judged. After every session with Taylor, I am more grounded, confident and productive in life.

-Jenny Z., Santa Cruz, California

I just had my spiritual world rocked with a Tarot reading by Taylor Fortune. I don't allow just anyone to delve into my spirituality. It takes trust and a true feeling that the Universe is communicating through my reader. He took me through some strong and revealing facts that opened my eyes to new truths about myself and the universe .

-Leo R., New York, New York

If you are looking for some truth and are receptive to the Universe check him out

I am really enjoying my new fitness program with Taylor Fortune. Within the first five days of altering my diet while using new hand-weights on my daily three-mile hikes, I began to feel like a different person. Within a month, my strength, stamina and energy increased exponentially. For the first time in forever, I feel great! 

-Pamela Eagle., Moss Beach, California. 

I am very happy to have chosen Taylor as my Life Coach. He’s a great listener and I can tell he truly cares about my success. He has helped me develop realistic and achievable diet and fitness goals. He created a detailed action plan that has allowed me to stay on track and not get overwhelmed. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the personal attention and the excellent service I’ve been given. I would definitely recommend his services to others.

-Paula F., San Francisco, California

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