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Tragedy Plus Time Equals...

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

You are not alone! This is an incredibly difficult time of monumental change. Between the Solar Eclipse and the oppressive planet of Saturn weighing down on the free-spirited Sagittarius, it’s no wonder we’re all feeling a sense of spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical strife. Major strife to be sure! But as we move through the final week of the Cosmic Fire, known as the realm of Atziluth, we must remember the age-old axiom, that “this too shall pass.”

So what does any of this mean on a personal level? Beyond Kabbalistic concepts, Astrological charts, Wiccan rituals or Enochian Magick, there are some basic universal experiences happening to all of us right now - uncertainty about the the future, difficulty in relationships, extreme financial worries, and even wide-scale depression. I get it.

In the past 30 days I’ve seen nearly 80 clients, and so often I hear people say, “I really hope I don’t get a bad card.” Many of you know how I respond to that - “There is no bad. There is only good and change.” That’s the cosmological polarity of the universe - radiance and transmutation, stability and destruction, birth and death. Cycles of endless growth and change, like the Wheel of the Year.

Which brings me to my headline - “Tragedy Plus Time Equals Comedy.” I’ve personally said this to many of you, not to sound glib or dismissive, but to emphasize a point about the ephemeral nature of all things - feelings, thoughts, matter, life. Growth and change are all part of the cycle of Ascension - the Journey of our Soul. I’ve been through the ringer myself, with multiple hospitalizations for a near-fatal condition, a devastating divorce, financial ruin, professional betrayal, but I’m still here. And so are you.

Very few of us have the perspective to understand why we’re going through the things we are. Is it Karma? Is it chaos? Is it the machinations of a cruel god or the indifference of a meaningless universe? I don’t have the answer to that. But I am devoted to helping people understand how to deal with the circumstances they’re facing, be it love, health, wealth or work. It's how we face adversity that defines our character.

Until our next reading, your fortune awaits! Ask me anything.

Taylor Fortune

Life Coach

Fitness Trainer

Tarot Master

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