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“Nothing makes the Great Spirit laugh harder than our plans.”

As much as I absolutely love this expression and acknowledge it’s deep, profound truth, I can think of one thing that may make the Great Spirit laugh harder - having no plan at all.

So, what are your plans? For your life, your future? What did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? And most importantly - Are You Happy?

We’re taught to believe that happiness is something that can be achieved, much like Siddhartha Gautama reaching enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. If we do things like find love, get a new job, get married, get a promotion, move into our dream house, have children, then we’ll be happy.

Now, I know the majority of you are incredibly intelligent and that most of you would not equate materialism with happiness. But I think we’re all a little guilty in feeling that as soon as this (fill in the blank) happens, then I’ll feel good, happy, fulfilled, complete.

And you might… For a brief period.

But happiness is not the byproduct of One Great Achievement followed by a life of stagnation. Otherwise, wouldn’t we all still be happy just to have graduated high school or college or to have gotten married or to have kids? Happily ever after, anyone?

Happiness is about continual growth and change. It’s not about past victories or distant accomplishments, it’s about what you’re working on now, and what you plan to do next.

So what are you working on now? What passion burns inside of you? Do you have a calling? Are you answering it? Are you living your Highest Truth? Are you actualizing your life purpose? Do you even know what your life purpose is?

I know these are massive concepts and provocative questions, but this is what I do.

As a Life Coach, my purpose is to help you discover yours.

Whether your goal is to write the next Great American Novel, become an online entrepreneur, dive deeper into Spirituality or to explore new talents and creative passions, together we will journey deep within you, and formulate a plan for actualizing your Dreams.

How will I do this? You’ll just have to book a session to find out! Until then, I’ll talk to you soon! Remember, you can ask me anything.

Taylor Fortune

ICF Life Coach

ISSA Fitness Trainer

Kabbalistic Tarot Master

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