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Inevitable Pain and...

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

After spending Thanksgiving with my Mom and Grandma, two life-long Pillars of the Spiritual Community and creators of the bestseller, Tarot of the Spirit, I’ve decided to extend my FREE TAROT READINGS and LIFE COACHING SESSIONS through the Holidays! And I will be offering GIFT READINGS for anyone who’d like to give one to friends or family (email me directly from here if you want to know more about that!)

The modern world may be a contentious realm of social unrest, cultural fragmentation, and political tribalism, but beyond the surface ideology that keeps us divided, far more unites us than we realize.

Deep down, we’re all on a quest to find love and happiness, peace and passion, health and wealth, and to walk that perfect tightrope between an existence of safety and stability, and a life of full excitement and adventure.

I’ve said before that this is a Labor of Love, and it bears repeating. Only four months ago, I was in the hospital facing my own mortality. Now I’m working with clients from all across the planet, helping people overcome their hardships and transform themselves through Self-Exploration, Fitness and Nutrition, and Mystical Divination. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

I’m truly blessed to have a job that I look forward to each day. It’s been a humbling and incredibly rewarding experience on both a personal and professional level. And to be honest, many of you have been generous enough with your donations, that my faith in humanity is currently sky high.

In accordance with the tenets of Joseph Campbell, we are all on a journey, be it cosmic or earthbound. As the Great Wheel perpetually spins, sometimes we are favored by Fortune and sometimes we’re not. But the Wheel keeps spinning, and we must all keep moving, chasing our bliss to the far corners of the Universe. Only there will we find our True Selves.

Sometimes all we need is a little guidance. For that, I’m here for you. You can ask me anything. Your fortune awaits.

Taylor Fortune

Life Coach

Fitness Trainer

Tarot Master

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