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I Believe in You

One year ago today may have been one the scariest times in my life. I was living at my mom’s house or should I say dying at my mom’s house with a new, aggressive resurgence of sarcoidosis. I talked about this in my last email, but just to give you the greatest hits - my lungs were inflamed with granulation tissue and swollen lymph nodes causing severe breathing issues, and my kidneys were barely functioning at near fatal levels.

It was the third time in nearly two years that this had happened, so although it wasn’t new or necessarily surprising, there was one new twist - I couldn’t go to the hospital on account of this strange new virus that had just closed down the world and was killing people with pre-existing conditions. With my extreme respiratory issues, I was a prime candidate to catch COVID and visit the Angel of Death.

Believe it or not, that wasn’t the scariest part.

Only two-weeks before, in a manic-bout of medication-induced psychosis, I’d signed up for a 30-day intensive course in online marketing. What was I thinking?

Remember, this was last April, when the world was just beginning the Great Reset into the ubiquitous Digital Age with remote jobs and Zoom supremacy sweeping across the land. And I wanted in.

I had been doing private Tarot Reading since college, but I hadn’t made the transition to an online business yet. But I saw the writing on the wall - for better or worse, people were no longer going to do things in-person that could be done online. I could go on about the pros and cons of this, but in the end it’s just natural progress like transportation evolving from the horse to the automobile.

Believe it or not, the coming online market course scared me more than my disease. Not only was my brain ill-equipped to handle learning at any capacity with my gallon-size ziplock bag of medication dominated primarily by the dreaded Prednisone, but I had let all my digital skills completely go away over the past ten years.

I had an ancient and all-but neglected Facebook and LinkedIn account, I had never been on Instagram in my life, I hadn't really posted anything on YouTube and I definitely said "what's a Tik Tok?"

And to be honest, I had no idea these things would come up in the 30-day marketing course. But Social Media was the name of the game - creating accounts, running Ads, making click-funnels, generating content, brand-building, Photoshop, Google Suites, Final Cut/Adobe, securing rights to licensed music and images, and of course creating your own website. Not to mention constructing Zoom platforms and accepting Credit/Debit, Venmo, Cash App, Pay Pal, Apple Pay, iPay, YouPay, the list goes on…

Hells Bells.

I was so overwhelmed I almost dropped the course after the first day's overview. And I had every reason to - I was sick! Everyone in my circle would have encouraged me to drop the course to keep my stress levels down and focus on my health. But I’m a double-fixed Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon, and when I set my mind on something, everyone better clear a path. I figured if I died midway through the course and I’d finish it in Hell.

Here’s my point.

We all start at the bottom. Ground zero. From nothing. We usually only have the faintest vision about who we want to be and even fainter vision about how we’re going to get there. And often times, we have to climb that mountain while other people weigh us down and hold us back.

Not many people have support systems and people who truly believe in them - people who understand your life’s purpose and your soul’s calling. But all of you reading this do.

I believe in each and every one you! I believe there’s a reason you came into my life, just as I came into yours. We have work to do. I know most of you are in the process of building your own business's and completely transitioning your lives.

That’s exactly where I was one year ago to the day.

Am I where I want to be yet? Not even close. But on the one-year anniversary of my foray into online marketing and taking my first steps into creating a digital business, I have a self-built website, a beautiful work loft in LA, a growing IG account, a brand-new YouTube channel (I haven't launched it yet), a Google Business Suite, an FB, Linkedin and (a sad) Tik Tok account. I run ads on all platforms, some with success and some not so much. But hundreds of you have found me through these channels and many more will.

We all have a choice. We can choose the Path of Death, and run away from our calling, hide from ourselves, never face our fears and avoid dealing with failure, sorrow, pain and heartbreak at all costs.

Or we can choose the Path of Life, where we face our fears, actualize our potential, and follow our dreams.

Fortune Favors the Bold.

This isn’t a celebration of my victory, so much as it is a message of inspiration to follow your bliss one day at a time. Have a big picture in mind and then set DAILY GOALS for achieving it. Write it down, meditate on it and YOU WILL MANIFEST IT. I truly believe that if you do this, every three months will be a new milestone in your business’s success and your personal growth.

And I’m here to help! Please book a session with me. Let’s discover your Life’s Purpose and your Soul’s Calling together.

Until our next reading, your fortune awaits! Ask me anything.

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