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Don't Listen to Anyone, Except...

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

When I told friends and colleagues that I was thinking about doing FREE Tarot Card Readings and Life Coaching Sessions for the month of November, I heard things like “never do anything for free,” “clients won’t respect you,” “they won’t show up,” “I would never see a client for less than $100,” and even things like “you’ll attract the wrong kind of clientele.” Ooooo, like black magick wrong???

The only thing WRONG would’ve been listening to these naysayers.

Meeting all of you this past month has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life (and personal too, honestly). And why not? My bills were fortunately covered for November and I already own my dream car (or should I say my dream motorcycle) - a jet-black Harley Dyna. Why not reach out to those in need, those who are struggling, or to those who simply would not be interested in a Tarot Reading or Life Coaching session unless it was free. I get it. Sometimes the Guide has to earn his client’s trust.

Which brings me to my headline: Don’t listen to anybody, EXCEPT…


Your spirit. Your heart. Your mind. Your Body. Your INTUITION!

Look, we are in such unbelievably crazy times of cultural unrest, political upheaval, and economic uncertainty, all set against the backdrop of a global pandemic. It’s no wonder so many of you have reached out to me with such similar circumstances and questions about love, work, wealth, family and health. The Future...

As I often say, sometimes the most PERSONAL stories are the most UNIVERSAL stories.

I’ve undergone my own transformation in the past eight months, which I have deemed the DREADED COVID ERA. My original business model was based on a brick and mortar office (which I luckily have), where Bay Area clients would come to see me. Like each and every one of you, I had to modify my life, my vision and means of income to accommodate the disturbing new world of grueling lockdowns and awkward social distancing. And I have to admit, that the shift has been…


Oh, yeah, it’s been great! Each day, I’m giving Tarot Card Readings, Life Coaching, Fitness and Nutrition Sessions to people from all over the globe, like New Zealand, India, Portugal, China, South Africa, Europe, The East Coast, Texas! And of course, California. Home, sweet home. (I’m coming for you, LA!)

It’s been such an incredible experience to move beyond the money threshold of my business and open the gates to anyone with a smart phone or computer. Most of us found each other through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or maybe a random Google search for a fortune teller (you lucked out this time. Haha!). And I’m so thankful you found me, because all of your stories have moved me on such a profoundly deep level. Some of you who started as Tarot clients have become my Life Coaching or Fitness clients and some of you who were only interested in cardio and nutrition training have discovered a new found interest in Spirituality.

We are only complete when the Mind, Body and Spirit are working harmoniously in unison with one another. My practice focus on these three pillars in relation to finding a career that’s right for you, unlocking your hidden talent, rediscovering your creative passion, monetizing what you love to do, sculpting your dream body, eating healthier, losing weight and toning your physique, building strength and confidence, feeling beautiful from the inside out and my favorite, The Mystical Arts- Tarot Card Readings- where we unlock the great mysteries of ourselves and the universe.

In closing, this is my THANK YOU letter to all of you for supporting me, Taylor Fortune, an ICF Life Coach, an ISSA Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist and a Third-Generation hereditary Tarot Reader with a background in Kabbalistic studies, a soon-to-be graduate of a Shamanic Mystery School, and a student of Thoth and Golden Dawn Tarot. I’m also avid user of my mom, Pamela Eakins’ book Tarot of the Spirit, which she wrote and my grandma, the great Joyce Eakins, painted each card for! (Available on Amazon. You’re welcome, Mom ;)

Taylor Fortune

Life Coach

Fitness Trainer

Tarot Master

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