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Mind Body Spirit Coach

After a near-death experience from a rare lung and kidney disease, I knew my life was about to change. Combining my love of fitness with a life-long passion for Tarot and Astrology, I became an ICF certified Life Coach and an ISSA Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. Continuing my medical recovery, I've built my practice on Divine Masculine energy and Self-Healing through exploring and developing the three pillars of the human experience  – The Mind, Body, and Spirit. 


Life Coaching Do you want to unlock your true potential, start a new business or create a life of meaning and fulfillment? As an ICF Life Coach, with a background in business development, online marketing, digital media, writing, acting, music and filmmaking, I will help you explore your creative endeavors and find your inner passion. Whether your goal is to become an entrepreneur, a successful artist, or to just explore new talents and interests, together we will journey deep within, and formulate a plan for actualizing your dreams. 



Fitness & Nutrition  Do you want the physique of a Greek God or Goddess? Or, do you just want to shed a few pounds and heal yourself from the inside out? As a life-long student of fitness and a certified ISSA Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, I will guide and train you, customizing an individual regimen and diet to fit your body and goals. We will incorporate strength and conditioning; high and low-intensity resistance; calisthenic, cardiovascular and core exercises; flexibility and stretching; and beginner kickboxing for those interested.



Tarot & Astrology  Do you want to discover who you truly are? Do you want to find out more about True Love, Twin Flames, The Mystic Arts, Career Ventures or your Life's Purpose? As a Tarot Master and Astrologer, I first became aware of Occult Spirituality at age 10, when my mom's seminal book Tarot of the Spirit was published. Through the years, I’ve helped clients unlock the Great Mysteries of the Universe with Psychic Tarot, Astrology, Ritual Magick, Divination, Kabbalah, and Elemental Mysticism. Ask me anything and together we will explore your Past, Present, and Future, and see what Fortune has in store for you.

Taylor Fortune
  • Twin Flames, Life Purpose, Your Future - Ask Bianca Anything (Phone)
    1 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Birth/Natal Chart, Synastry/Compatibility Reading, Transits (Phone)
    55 min
    250 US dollars
  • We'll create actionable plans for achieving your dreams. (Phone)

    55 min
    250 US dollars
  • The body is your temple. Let's build a powerful one. (Phone)

    55 min
    250 US dollars
  • Twin Flames, Life Purpose, Your Future - Ask Me Anything (Phone)

    55 min
    250 US dollars


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